Scouting in Ashby de la Zouch

In Ashby de la Zouch there are five beaver scout colonies, three cub scout packs and two scout troops.  These groups are for boys and girls aged six to fourteen. They are administered by Ashby (Hastings) Scout Group and 4th Ashby Scout Group. You can register interest for your child here.

  • Beavers (Age 6 -8)
    • Monday – Ashby (Hastings) Colony
    • Tuesday – 4th Ashby (Woodland) Colony
    • Thursday – 4th Ashby (Riverbank) Colony
    • Friday – 4th Ashby (Mountain Ridge) Colony
    • Sunday – 4th Ashby (Hidden Valley) Colony
  • Cubs (Age 8-10.5)
    • Monday – Ashby (Hastings) Pack
    • Tuesday – 4th Ashby (Waingunga) Pack
    • Thursday – 4th Ashby (Seeonnee) Pack
  • Scouts (Age 10.5-14)
    • Wednesday – Ashby (Hastings) Troop
    • Thursday – 4th Ashby Troop

Other villages nearby, including Blackfordby, Hartshorne, Donisthorpe and Ravenstone have groups too. You can find out more at the District website.  Explorer Scouts are available for older young people (aged 14-18).